Centuries: 13th century BC - 12th century BC - 11th century BC

Decades: 1170s BC 1160s BC 1150s BC 1140s BC 1130s BC - 1120s BC - 1110s BC 1100s BC 1090s BC 1080s BC 1070s BC

Events and Trends
  • 1126 BC - Thymoetes, legendary King of Athens dies childless after a reign of 8 years. He is succeeded by his designated heir Melanthus of Pylos, a fifth-generation descedant of Neleus who had reportedly assisted him in battle against the Boeotians.
  • Zhou Wu Wang overthrows the Chinese King Zhou Hsin(Wade-Giles) (Zhou Xin in Pinyin) and founds the Zhou (PY) (Chou W-G) Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC - 256 BC).
  • 1122 BC - Legendary founding date of the city of Pyongyang.

Significant People