Centuries: 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC - 1st century BC

Decades: 180s BC 170s BC 160s BC 150s BC 140s BC - 130s BC - 120s BC 110s BC 100s BC 90s BC 80s BC

Years: 136 BC 135 BC 134 BC 133 BC 132 BC - 131 BC - 130 BC 129 BC 128 BC 127 BC 126 BC

  • Aristonicus of Pergamon leads an uprising against Rome, and consul Publius Licinius Crassus Mucianius is killed in the fighting.
  • The Roman censor Quintus Metellus Macedonicus attempts to remove the tribune Gaius Atinius Labeo Macerio from the Senate, the angry Atinius drags him to be thrown off the Tarpeian Rock, and Metellus is only saved by the intervention of other senators.
  • The tribune Gaius Papirius Carbo passes a measure allowing the use of secret ballots in legislative assemblies.
  • For the first time in Roman history, both censors are plebeians (Metellus and Quintus Pompeius).