List of military divisions

The Polish 1st Armored Division remained constantly understrength even with an establishment somewhat reduced from the British norm. The division twice suffered serious bombings by Allied aircraft, took heavy losses at Falaise, spent the winter of 44-45 in a quiet sector of the Netherlands, and ended the war at Wilhelmshaven where it was joined by the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade.


Organization during 1944-45:

; 10th Polish Armoured Cavalry Brigade (formerly 10th Mechanized) :

  • 1st Polish Armoured Regiment
  • 2nd Polish Armoured Regiment
  • 24th Uhlan Regiment (Armoured)
  • 10th Polish Dragoon Regiment (Motorized Infantry)

; 3rd Polish Rifle Brigade :
  • Podhale Rifle Battalion (including survivors of the Podhale Brigade)
  • 8th Polish Rifle Battalion
  • 9th Polish Rifle Battalion

; Other Units :
  • 10th Polish Cavalry Rifle Regiment (Recon)
  • 1st Anti-tank Artillery Regiment
  • 1st Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment
  • 1st Motorized Artillery Regiment
  • 2nd Motorized Artillery Regiment