2 step is a style of house music. It is not that different from other kinds of house except for the way the beat is measured. Regular house music has a 4/4 beat. 2 step house is similar, but is a stretched out version of "regular" house. 2 step is like the 4/4 beat but instead think of a 4/4 beat and make it a 2/2 beat within a 4/4 house beat pace like (1,2,3,4).


House beat - 1-2-3-4
2 Step     - 1  2  3  4

2 step for the most part skips a beat but keeps a 4/4 pace.

Boom, skip a beat, Boom, skip a beat, Boom, skip a beat, Boom

(nb 4/4 is nonstandard notation for 4 pulses to 4 crotchets)