Centuries: 8th century - 9th century - 10th century

Decades: 830s 840s 850s 860s 870s - 880s - 890s 900s 910s 920s 930s

Years: 884 885 886 887 888 - 889 - 890 891 892 893 894

  • End of Strathclyde as a fully independent kingdom.
  • Yasovarman I succeeds Indravarman II as ruler of the Khmer empire.
  • Vladimir succeeds Boris I Michael as king of Bulgaria.
  • Donald II succeeds Eochaid I as king of Scotland.
  • Prince Svštopluk I of the Slavs occupies the territory of the Lusatian Serbs.
  • Osnabrück gets trade privileges.



  • Eochu MacRunn and Girig MacDungal, joint Kings of the Scots and Picts; succeeded by Donald II, of the MacAlpin gens.
  • Ibn ?utaibah, islamic writer\n