_ (from ¬ to )
_1 (from .177 calibre to .177 calibre)
_3 (from .38 Special (band) to .38 Special (band))
_5 (from .50 BMG to .50 BMG)
__ (from ( ) to ď Canada! mon pays, mes amours)
_a (from 'Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi to ăatalh÷yŘk)
_b (from 'Blue' Gene Tyranny to ▄bermensch)
_c (from (c)Brain to Ícker÷)
_d (from /dev/null to Ídesh÷g)
_e (from .edu to .edu)
_f (from .fm to ┼fjord)
_g (from .gov to ╔glise de la Madeleine)
_h (from .hack to ┼hus)
_i (from .info to ╔ire)
_k (from ┼ke Henriksson Tott to ěksnes)
_l (from ─lmhult to ělstykke)
_m (from .Mac to ╔mile Zola)
_n (from .NET Messenger Service to ┼ngermanland)
_o (from -oid to ╔owyn)
_q (from ╔quihen-Plage to ╔quihen-Plage)
_r (from Ăr° to ěrsta)
_s (from 's-Gravendeel to ěstre Toten)
_t (from 'Til Shiloh to Ítzi the Iceman)
_u (from 'Ulukalala Lavaka Ata to 'Ulukalala Lavaka Ata)
_v (from ╔variste RÚgis Huc to ěvre Eiker)
_x (from !Xu language to !Xu language)
_y (from (Yerzoplazistonian) Civil War Civil War to ěystre Slidre)