The House of Altan Khan (lit. Golden Khan) belonged to the Right Wing of the Khalkha Mongols. They maintained contact with Russia. Although they claimed to be Khan, Mongolian chronicles call them Khong Tayiji, which meant sub-Khan at that time.

List of Altan Khan

  1. Ubasi Khong Tayiji
  2. Badma Erdeni Khong Tayiji
  3. Erinchin Lobsang Tayiji (Rinchen Sayin Khong Tayiji)


Ubasi Khong Tayiji was a cousin of Layikhur Khan, who was the virtual founder of the House of Jasaghtu Khan. They pacified the
Oyirad. Ubasi made profits from trade with Russia.

Ubasi was killed by the Oyirad in 1623 and his son Badma Erdeni Khong Tayiji succeeded as the second Altan Khan. In 1652, he abdicated from the throne and his son Erinchin Lobsang Tayiji succeeded.

In 1662 Erinchin killed Jasaghtu Khan to expand into central Khalkha probably because Russia began to develop another trade route. He was attacked by Tösiyetü Khan (Chaghun Dorji) and fled northwestward. In 1667 he was captured by Sengge, Jüün Ghar chief and was handed over to Jasaghtu Khan.