Amateur pornography is traditionally considered to be any kind of pornographic material that is not produced by an established company (such as Playboy) or material that appears to have less than professional production quality, where the material is made available for public consumption through various channels (print, video, internet). A good deal of amateur pornography consists of home movies made for pleasure and enjoyment rather than profit.

The intended audience for this amateur material distinguishes it from more personal and artistic forms of nudity such as boudoir photography. As such, amateur pornography is sometimes considered a marketing category rather than any kind of well-defined subclass of pornography. However, "amateur pornography" can accurately describe the increasingly well-known subclass of porn which involves home movies made for fun rather than money.

As the internet started giving a big 'easy to access' platform for amateurs, some of the 'just for fun' producers realized that they can earn easy money. At the beginning it was like a gold rush. Internet users paid for cheap crap as much as for high quality pornography. Today most porn consumers are wiser and on the other hand there are also more amateurs who are trying making cash with their private pictures and movies.

So only few years after, the market seems much bigger but the 'porn gold rush' for a hand full of amateurs is over.

Today the quality counts much more and from the old 'amateur porn dinosaurs' only the best(strongest) survived.

The good amateur sites today are not looking cheap anymore but still authentic.

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