Antiochus XIII was son of Syrian king Antiochus X Eusebes and Egyptian princess Kleopatra Selene, who acted as regent for the boy after his father's death sometime between 92 and 85 BC. In 75 BC, after Tigranes had conquered Syria, she travelled to Rome to have her sons recognized as kings of Egypt, but to no avail. Selene was eventually captured and killed by Tigranes, but after the latter's defeat by Pompey Antiochus XIII was made client king of Syria (69 BC). After a few years Pompey had him deposed and killed by an Arabian chieftain in 64 BC. His death is often said to have ended the Seleucid dynasty, but he was survived by Philip II Philoromaeus for a short time.

Preceded by:
Tigranes I of Armenia
Seleucid dynasty Succeeded by:
End of Seleucid dynasty