The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) is a denomination of Protestant churches that was founded March 11, 1997. The association's churches all ascribe to the London Baptist Confession of Faith, which was originally adopted in 1689 by the Particular Baptist Association of London. The ARBCA originally consisted of 24 member churches, and has grown to 44 member churches in 2003. Their home office is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Though fairly recent as an organization, the ARBCA is connected to the rich heritage of the Particular or Calvinistic Baptists. The association encourages education through the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, which closely cooperates with the Westminster Theological Seminary of California. Serving in the area of foreign missions is the Reformed Baptist Missions Service. The RMBS is older than the association; it was established in 1984. ARBCA has two publishing arms, the Calvary Press and Reformed Baptist Publications.

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