The Atlanta Falcons are a National Football League team based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded: June 30, 1965
Home stadium: Georgia Dome
Team colors: Home jerseys are black with white letters and red trim. Away jerseys are white with black letters and red trim.
Helmet design: Black with a black face mask and a red and black falcon logo white a grey and white border on both sides, which forms the shape of an F.
Championships won: The Falcons won the NFC West Championship in 1980 and 1998 and the NFC championship in 1998.

Franchise history

Timeline / Important Years
Franchise Firsts
First Draft Pick: Tommy Nobis, University of Texas
First Game: Aug. 1, 1966 (Preseason) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
First Win: Nov. 30, 1966 at Yankee Stadium vs. New York Giants
First Monday Night Football game in Atlanta: Nov. 30, 1970 vs. Miami Dolphins

Players of note

Pro Football Hall of Famers: No Falcons' players have been elected to the Hall of Fame.

Current stars:

Retired numbers:
  • 31 William Andrews
  • 57 Jeff Van Note
  • 60 Tommy Nobis
  • 10 Steve Bartkowski

Not to be forgotten:
  • Mike Kenn
  • Jessie Tuggle
  • Billy "White Shoes" Johnson
  • Deion Sanders
  • Jamal Anderson

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