B (from B to B)
B1 (from B14A to B1FF)
B2 (from B2B to B2X)
B3 (from B3ZS to B3ZS)
B4 (from B4B to B4B)
B6 (from B612 Foundation to B6ZS)
B8 (from B8ZS to B8ZS)
B_ (from B-17 Flying Fortress to Bütgenbach)
Ba (from BA to Bazooka)
Bb (from BB to BBV)
Bc (from BC to BCS theory)
Bd (from Bdelloid to BDSM fashion)
Be (from Be to Bezoar)
Bf (from BF to BFD)
Bh (from BH to Bhuvanesvari)
Bi (from Bi to Bizzy Bone)
Bj (from Bjarkøy to Bjuv)
Bk (from BK to BK)
Bl (from Blaabjerg to Blythewood, South Carolina)
Bm (from BM to BMX XXX)
Bn (from BNC connector to BNF)
Bo (from Bo to Bozrah, Connecticut)
Bp (from BP to BPP)
Bq (from BQ to BQT)
Br (from Br'er Rabbit to Brzeg)
Bs (from BS to BST)
Bt (from BT to BTW)
Bu (from Buachaille Etive Mor to Buzzword bingo)
Bv (from BVDs to BVDs)
Bw (from Bwana Devil to BWV)
By (from By-catch to Byzas)
Bz (from BZ to Bzzzt, wrong)