Barclays Bank is the fourth largest bank in the United Kingdom. The bank can trace its routes back to 1690 in London. The name barclay first arose in 1736. Today the bank is a global financial service provider operating in the UK, Europe, United States, and Africa. The bank's headquarters are at Lombard Street in the City of London. Currently, offices are under construction at One Churchill Place for a new head office building.

History of Barclays Bank

  • 1896- several small London banks unite under the banner of Barclays and Co
  • 1905-1916- acquisitions of small English banks extends the branch network
  • 1918- Barclays amalgamated with the London, Provincial and South Western Bank
  • 1966- Barclaycard launched, the first credit card in the world
  • 1967- Barclays unviels the first ATM cash machine
  • 1969- acquisition of Martins Bank
  • 1997- "black hole" discovered in the accounts of BZW, Barclay's investment bank division.
  • 1998- BZW business broken up, parts sold to Credit Suisse First Boston
  • 2000- acquisition of Woolwich Plc (formerly the Woolwich Building Society)
  • 2001- Barclays closes more than 125 rural branches in England.

Constituents of Barclays Bank Group

  • Barclays Bank PLC- UK clearing bank
  • Barclaycard- Global credit card business
  • Barclays Capital- investment banking
  • Woolwich plc- UK mortgage and saving bank
  • Open Plan- internet banking
  • Barclays Africa
  • Barclays Spain

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