Bored of the Rings (BOTR) is a short satirical novel based on The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) by J.R.R. Tolkien, published in 1969 by Signet for the Harvard Lampoon.

The novel is a fairly close parody in terms of general plot, but is filled with cheap gags (the palantir as a Magic 8-Ball etc.), bad names, unsympathetic and cowardly characters and dated 1960s references.

Notable characters from Lower Middle Earth include:

  • Goodgulf Greyteeth, the good wizard; "a discredited Rosicrucian" and "a 32nd Degree Mason and Honorary Shriner" (Gulf Oil slogan)
  • boggies (hobbits)
    • Dildo Bugger of Bug End (dildo, bugger)
    • Frito Bugger (Fritos, a corn chips brand)
    • Spam (SPAM, a food brand)
    • Moxie Dingleberry (Moxie, a soda pop brand)
    • Pepsi Dingleberry (Pepsi, a soda pop brand)
  • Stomper, or Arrowroot, son of Arrowshirt (Arrowshirt, a brand of men's dress shirt)
  • Gimlet, son of Groin (Gimlet cocktail and Groin)
  • Legolam ("leg of lamb")
  • Bromosel (Used to be an indigestion relief product)
  • Eorache ("ear ache")
  • Tim Benzedrine (Benzedrine, a stimulant drug popular during the 1960s)
  • Goddam ("God damn")
  • Sorhed, the evil wizard, ruler of Fordor. ("Sore head", "four door")
  • Serutan the wizard of Isinglass - (Serutan was the name of a laxative product; the product name is simply "Natures" spelled backwards
  • Isinglass, a substance used in clarifying wine (see Isinglass).

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