Christian hip hop is a form of hip hop music that uses Christian-themed lyrics as a tool for expressing the songwriter's faith. While many mainstream hip hop artists include brief acknowledgements of faith, such as DMX, Nas and Tupac Shakur, these are not typically considered Christian hip hop artists, as their lyrics do not generally thematically reflect their religious beliefs.

dc Talk was the first act to incorporate hip hop into gospel music, though they did so only sporadically, starting in 1988 (see 1988 in music) with the release of their debut, dc Talk. The Gospel Gangstaz are also early pioneers, fusing G funk with Christian lyrics in 1994 (see 1994 in music) with their debut, Gang Affiliated.

  • A-1 Swift
  • Bryan Duncan
  • dc Talk
  • E.T.W
  • Gospel Gangstaz
  • J.C. Crew
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Michael Peace
  • Mike-E
  • Positive D
  • Preachas in tha Hood
  • Stephen Wiley
  • Str8 Young Gangstaz
  • T-Bone
  • The Twelfth Tribe