The Church of Christ (Temple Lot) is a sect of Mormonism headquartered in Independence, Missouri. Its official name is the Church of Christ. Members of the church have been known, colloquially, as Hedrickites, after Granville Hedrick, an early leader.

The church is an amalgam of five early, smaller Mormon groups in Bloomington, Crow Creek, Half Moon Prarie, and Eagle Creek, Illinois, and Vermillion, Indiana. These small branches united under Hedrick's leadership in May 1863.

The church currently occupies a property in Independence, Missouri considered by Mormons to be the "Temple Lot" designated by Joseph Smith, Jr to be the cite for a temple. In the early 1900s, the church excavated the site in an attempt to build a temple on the location, but the effort was stalled because of the Great Depression, and the excavation was filled.

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