D (from D to D)
D1 (from D1 to D1G reactor)
D2 (from D2 to D2G reactor)
D_ (from D. to Dúnedain)
Da (from DA to Dazzler)
Db (from DB to DBX (noise reduction))
Dc (from DC to DCT1)
Dd (from DD to DDT)
De (from DE to Dezso Lauber)
Df (from DF to DFT)
Dg (from DG to DGCA)
Dh (from Dhaka to Dhyana)
Di (from Di Brandt to Dizzy Up the Girl)
Dj (from DJ Babu to Djurgarden IF)
Dk (from Dk phocomelia syndrome to DKW)
Dl (from DL to DLRG)
Dm (from DM to DMZ host)
Dn (from DN Angel to Dnyaneshwar)
Do (from Do to Dozier, Alabama)
Dp (from DPA to DPZ)
Dq (from DQ to DQ)
Dr (from Dr to Drywall)
Ds (from DSA to DSV Alvin)
Dt (from DT to DTV)
Du (from Du to Duyfken)
Dv (from DV to DVR)
Dw (from Dwarf to Dwyn)
Dx (from DX to DXM)
Dy (from Dyad to Dystopia)
Dz (from Dzialdowo to Dzydzilelya)