Demetrius I (d. 150 BC), surnamed Soter, was sent to Rome as a hostage during the reign of his father, Seleucus IV Philopator, but after his father's death in 175 BC he escaped from confinement, and established himself on the Syrian throne (162 BC) after overthrowing and murdering King Antiochus V Eupator.

He acquired his surname of Soter, or Saviour, from the Babylonians, whom he delivered from the tyranny of the Median satrap, Timarchus, and is famous in Jewish history for his contests with the Maccabees.

Hated for his vices, Demetrius fell in battle against the usurper, Alexander Balas, in 150 BC.

'\'This entry was originally from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.''

Preceded by:
Antiochus V Eupator
Seleucid dynasty Succeeded by:
Alexander Balas