Dipendra of Nepal (June 27, 1971 - June 4, 2001) was King of Nepal from June 1 to June 4, 2001. The intelligent and well-liked prince was thought to have a good future ahead of him, but disagreements with his mother about his marriage apparently caused him to kill many members of his family at a royal dinner on June 1, 2001. Among the dead were his father, King Birendra, his mother, Queen Ayswari, his brother, Prince Nirigin and his sister. He also shot himself, but survived for three days. Although in a comatose state, he was proclaimed king in his hospital bed. He died of his injuries in June 4, 2001. He was succeeded by his uncle, Prince Gyanendra, who had been third in line to the throne before the massacre and was the closest surviving member of the royal family.

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