DKW is an historic car and motorcycle brand that in 1932 merged with Audi, Horch and Wanderer to form the Auto Union. All brands continued until World War II. Auto Union much later became a part of VAG.

DKW cars were made from 1928 until 1966. They always used Two stroke cycle engines and from 1931 the company was a pioneer in front-wheel drive. Most cars made before World War II had two cylinders but a 1939 prototype got the first three-cylinder engine. This prototype was produced after the war both as an IFA (later the Wartburg) in Zschopau, eastern part of Germany (at that time behind the Iron Curtain) and in DKW-form in Ingolstadt as the 3=6.

The post-war cars had some sporting potential and formed the basis for racers.

The last DKW was the F102, which was the direct forerunner of the first post-war Audi, the model 60. The main difference was that the Audi used a conventional four-stroke engine.

The motorcycle branch of the company produced very famous models such as the RT125 pre- and post World War II. This model formed the basis for Harley Davidson versions, IFA and later MZ models, the BSA Bantam and also Japanese copies (Yamaha??).

Pre World War II the company did some pretty successful forced induction racing bikes.

After the war the company did the above mentioned RT125, 175, 250 and 350 models.