Doboj (Добој) Town in Northern Bosnia.

During WW I was the site of the largest WW I Austro-Hungarian concentration camp for Serbs.

According to its official figures, it held, between December 27, 1915 and July 5, 1917:

  • 16,673 men from Bosnia and Herzegovina(mostly of Serb ethnicity)
  • 16,996 women and children from Bosnia and Herzegovina (also Serbian)
  • 9,172 soldiers and civilians (men, women, children) from the Kingdom of Serbia
  • 2,950 soldiers and civilians from the Kingdom of Montenegro

In total, 45,791 persons.

By February 1916, the authorities began redirecting the prisonners to other camps, the Serbs from Bosnia were mostly sent to Gyor (Sopronyek, Šopronjek/Шопроњек).

Most of the interned from Bosnia were whole families from the border regions of Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is said that 5000 families alone were uprooted from the Sarajevo district in Eastern Bosnia along the border with the Kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro.

Nobel-laureate Ivo Andric was the camp's most notorious inmate.