F (from F to F)
F2 (from F2H Banshee to F2H Banshee)
F3 (from F3H Demon to F3H Demon)
F4 (from F4 (mathematics) to F4U Corsair)
F_ (from F-100 Super Sabre to Fürth (district))
Fa (from FA to Fazel Ahmed Manawi)
Fb (from FB to FBI ten most wanted fugitives)
Fc (from FC to FCI)
Fd (from FDG-PET to FDP)
Fe (from FE to Fez hat)
Ff (from FFA to FFT)
Fg (from FG-42 to FGV)
Fh (from FH-1 Phantom to FHM)
Fi (from FIABCI to FizzBuzz)
Fj (from Fjalar to Fjuken)
Fk (from FK Partizan to FKC)
Fl (from FL to Flywheel energy storage)
Fm (from Fm to FMV)
Fn (from FN to Fnord)
Fo (from Fo Tan to Fozzie Bear)
Fp (from FPGA to FPT)
Fr (from FR to Frying)
Fs (from Fs to FSU)
Ft (from FT-5 to FTX)
Fu (from Fu Hsi to Fuzzy string searching)
Fw (from Fw 200 Condor to FWD)
Fx (from FX to FX Network)
Fy (from Fyffe, Alabama to Fyshwick)