Despite internal tensions in Sudan and Ethiopia, Kenya has maintained good relations with its northern neighbors. Recent relations with Uganda and Tanzania have improved as the three countries work for mutual economic benefit. The lack of a cohesive government in Somalia prevents normal contact with that country. Kenya serves as the major host for refugees from turmoil in Somalia.

Kenya maintains a moderate profile in Third World politics. Its relations with Western countries are generally friendly, although current political and economic instabilities are often blamed on Western pressures.

Kenya serves as a major host for refugees from Somalia and Sudan and currently has troops in three United Nations peacekeeping operations.

International disputes

The administrative boundary with Sudan does not coincide with international boundary.

Kenya's status as a hub for the international illicit drug trade has led to somewhat strained relations with Western countries and neighbors. There is widespread harvesting of small, wild plots of cannabis and qat (chat). Kenya is a transit country for South Asian heroin destined for Europe and, sometimes, North America. Indian methaqualone also transits en route to South Africa.