The Foresight Institute® is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed to help prepare society for anticipated advanced technologies. Its primary focus is on molecular nanotechnology, the ability to build atomically precise products. The development of this technology has broad implications for the future of our civilization. The institute was founded by K. Eric Drexler, and he is the current chairman.

Since 1989, Foresight Institute has sponsored conferences on molecular nanotechnology. Foresight publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Foresight Update, to inform a wide audience about both technical and non-technical developments in nanotechnology.

Foresights' sister organizations are ;The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing ;;a non-profit research organization founded to promote research in nanotechnology and molecular manufacturing. The goal of this organization is that nanotechnology be developed faster. ;The Center for Constitutional Issues in Technology (CCIT) ;;created to pursue public policy issues arising from the emergence of new technologies

Among Foresights projects are the Web Enhancement Project, which has a its goal making the World Wide Web connect in multiple directions and in multiple ways.

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