Fu Hsi (伏羲; pinyin fu2 xi1; Pao-hsi), was the mythical First Emperor of China. He is reputed to be the inventor of writing, fishing and trapping.

  • Lived circa 2852 BCE. (Wing Sit Chang: Chan, Wing-Tsit A Sourcebook in Chinese Philosophy NJ: Princeton University Press: 1963.)
  • He has been dated to 3322 BCE by James Legge (Van Over, Raymond: Editor The I CHING. New York: Mentor Books: 1971.)

The Yi Jing is attributed to his reading of the Ho Map, also known as The Yellow River Map.

See also: Nuwa, Chinese mythology, Sanhuangwudi

Need to add: biography of him. Cross Reference to his consort. Illustration of him on stamps. Other dates of his alleged existence.