The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a sect of Mormonism, and America's largest polygamous group. The current leader of the church is Warren Jeffs, who lives in Colorado City, Utah.

Table of contents
1 Membership and Headquarters
2 Distinctive Doctrines
3 History
4 In the News

Membership and Headquarters

Most members of the church, numbering in the dozens of thousands, are located in the twin communities of Colorado City, Mohave County, Arizona and Hildale, Washington County, Utah, where the church is the primary influence and reason for being.

Distinctive Doctrines

The church teaches plurality of wives as a general requirement for the highest eternal salvation of men. It is generally believed in the church that a man should have three wives to fulfill this requirement. Critics of this belief say that its practice leads unavoidably to bride shortages and likely to child marriages, incest, and child abuse.

The church currently practices "The Law of Placing" under which all marriages are assigned by the prophet of the church. Many outside of the church, and some inside, view this practice as unduly authoritarian though it helps address by edict the problem of wife shortages. Under the Law of Placing, the prophet elects to give or take wives to or from men according to their worthiness.


In the News

In 2003 the church received increased attention from the State of Utah when police officer Rodney Holm, a member of the church, was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old and one count of bigamy for his marriage to and impregnation of plural wife Ruth Stubbs. The conviction was the first legal action against a member of the church since an ill-fated 1953 raid from Arizona that doomed the political career of Governor Howard Pyle.