G (from G to G)
G1 (from G10 to G1 phase)
G2 (from G2 (mathematics) to G2 (mathematics))
G3 (from G3 to G3)
G4 (from G4 to G4)
G5 (from G5 to G5)
G7 (from G7 to G7)
G8 (from G8 to G8)
G_ (from G.711 to Gütersloh (district))
Ga (from Ga to Gazprom)
Gb (from GB to GBU-28)
Gc (from GC to GCUBO)
Gd (from Gdansk to Gdynia)
Ge (from Ge to Geza of Hungary)
Gg (from GG Allin to GGT)
Gh (from Ghaggar River to GHZ experiment)
Gi (from GI to Gizzard)
Gj (from GJ 1061 to Gjøvik)
Gk (from Gk. to GKS)
Gl (from GL to Glyphosate)
Gm (from GM to GMSMA)
Gn (from GN Lewis to Gnypetoscincus)
Go (from Go to Gozo Island)
Gp (from GP to Gpu)
Gq (from GQ to GQ)
Gr (from GR to Gryphaea)
Gs (from GS/OS to GSUSA)
Gt (from GT to GTPase)
Gu (from Gu Gaa-fai to Guzelyurt)
Gw (from GW Bush to Gwythr ap Greidawl)
Gy (from Gy to Gyumri)
Gz (from GZA to Gzip)