Georgia Public Broadcasting is the network statewide Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates in the U.S state of Georgia. It is headquartered in the state capital of Atlanta, and consists of two divisions one for radio and the other for television.

Georgia Public Radio

Formerly called Peach State Public Radio, GPR broadcasts 24 hours per day on stations across the state, except ironically in Atlanta, where the local NPR station is run by the city's board of education. GPR's downtown Atlanta translator station (callsign W264AE) was put off the air when a full-power station was moved in from Alabama on an adjacent channel. However, GPR can still be heard on the second audio program (SAP) of GPTV at most times.

Georgia Public Television

GPTV broadcasts PBS and GPTV programming 24 hours per day on nine GPTV-owned stations across the state, plus numerous low-power LPTV translator stations (especially in the mountains). The Descriptive Video Service can be heard on the SAP channel when the current program offers it, and GPR can be heard when it does not.

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