H (from H to H)
H2 (from H2 antagonist to H2G2)
H_ (from H-1B visa to Hüsker Dü)
Ha (from Ha to Hazzan)
Hb (from HB to HBT)
Hc (from HCSSiM to HCSSiM)
Hd (from HD to HDLC)
He (from He to Hezron)
Hf (from HFB320 to HFS)
Hg (from Hg to HGTV)
Hh (from HH-60 Pave Hawk to HH-65 Dolphin)
Hi (from Hi to Hizen province)
Hj (from Hjalmar Andersen to Hjørring)
Hk (from HKD to HKU)
Hl (from HL7 to HLS color space)
Hm (from HM Bark Endeavour to HMX)
Hn (from Hnefatafl to HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen)
Ho (from Ho to Hozumi Shigeto)
Hp (from HP to HPV)
Hq (from HQ9 Plus to HQ9 Plus)
Hr (from HR465 to Hrygori Skovoroda)
Hs (from HSA-UWC to HSV color space)
Ht (from HTH to HTV)
Hu (from Hu to Huzita's axioms)
Hv (from HVAC to Hvidovre)
Hw (from Hwacheon-gun to Hwicce)
Hy (from Hyacinth to Hywel Williams)