The Harlem River is a New York City river that flows 8 miles between the East River and the Hudson River, separating the borough of Manhattan from the Bronx and Queens. Part of the current course of the Harlem River is the Harlem Ship Canal, which runs somewhat south of the former course of the river.

The Harlem River is traversed by two legs of the Triborough Bridge (Harlem River Lift, Bronx Kills Crossing) as well as several lesser-known bridges:

  • Willis Ave Bridge
  • Third Ave Bridge
  • Park Ave Bridge
  • Madison Ave Bridge
  • 145th Street Bridge
  • Macombs Dam Bridge
  • High Bridge
  • Alexander Hamilton Bridge
  • Washington Bridge
  • University Heights Bridge
  • Harlem Ship Canal Bridge
  • Henry Hudson Bridge
  • Sputyen Duyvil Bridge

Like the East River, the Harlem is actually a tidal estuary.