The HP-49G Plus is a calculator manufactured by Hewlett Packard. This calculator features an ARM 75Mhz chipset, SD memory options, a USB serial cable interface, amongst other improvements over previous versions.

Issues and bugs

There have been some issues regarding the 49G+. Initially there was a problem with battery life, but an upgrade of the system ROM has apparantly fixed that. Also, some people have reported that the keyboard has not been registering keypresses. The keypress issue has not been confimed and it is not publicly known if this is a major problem with the model.

The current ROM version can be determined by the command VERSION. The most recent version at the time this was written was 1.22, which should report as:

"Version HP-49C
 Revision #1.22"
"Copyright HP 2003"
If the version reported is less than 1.22, the ROM should be updated. A current ROM, and installation instructions, can be found at HP's website.

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