Hüsker Dü was a musical band, formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1978, the name (without the umlauts) meaning "Do you remember" in Danish/Norwegian. The name originates from a memory/matching type of board game.

Hüsker Dü's influence on nearly everyone who listened is well documented. Their musical output went from the extremes of lightning speed hardcore punk to beautiful and haunting love/hate songs. Their music was rooted more in folk than "anyone can play" 3-chord punk. The songs were precise yet did not sound forced. They proved to the listener that speed for speed's sake doesn't equal power and intensity in music. Early double album "Zen Arcade" is regarded as a classic record in the history of rock music, with the "New Day Rising" album also a perennial favorite. Dual songrwriter/Vocalists Grant Hart and Bob Mould became increasingly bitter towards one another and it shows in their later work which is arguably their finest and most emotionally gut wrenching. The words "wall of sound" apply here.


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