Iggy Pop was born James Jewel Osterberg on April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan. He began his musical career as a drummer in different high school bands. One band was The Iguanas, where he acquired the name Iggy. After exploring local blues-style bands he eventually dropped out of The University of Michigan and moved to Chicago to learn more about blues. Inspired by Chicago Blues as well as bands like The Doors he formed The Stoogies and adapted his name to Iggy Stoogie. The band was comprised of Iggy as vocals and guitar, a member of his former band as bass, and the bassist's brother on drums. After almost two years they made their debut in 1967 in Ann Arbour, Michigan (where Iggy grew up).

     One year after their debut The Stoogies were signed to Elektra Records in 1968. The band recorded their first two albums and picked up three new members. The Stoogies first two albums never sold exceptionally. In fact, Iggy Pop has never had a Top Ten album or a number one single but has still managed to influence a large number of other bands. Either way, shortly after the new members joined the band broke up because of Iggy's growing heroin addiction.

     David Bowie was responsible for temporarily salvaging Iggy Pop's career. He helped Iggy record his next album with The Stoogies original lineup. After the release of the album a new member was added to the band and David Bowie continued his support, but Iggy's drug problem persisted. The Stoogies last show ended in a fight between the band and a group of bikers. Drug abuse was Iggy Pop's downfall and put his career on hold for a couple of years. Former members of The Stoogies either died of drug and alcohol abuse or moved on to other bands.

     Despite Iggy's lingering drug problems David Bowie continued support and helped Iggy record yet another two albums with Iggy and used him as backup on his own album. David Bowie seemed to of got Iggy headed in the right direction, and he was signed to Arista Records and released more albums from his solo career.

     Iggy took a three year break and got rid of his heroin addiction and was married. Along with his new solo career Iggy also became interested in acting. He actually made his film debut the same year as the debut of The Stoogies but didn't pursue his acting career until now. To date Iggy has been in fifteen movies including Sid and Nancy, The Color of Money, The Rugrats Movie, and Snow Day. He has been featured in five TV series such as Miami Vice, Tales from the Crypt, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Iggy has been profiled in four Rock And Roll documentaries and composed songs for eighteen sound tracks including Crocodile Dundee and Trainspotting.

     Along with his numerous film appearances music was also on Iggy's side this time around. He released yet another album produced with David Bowie and produced an album with members of Guns and Roses and The B-52's. After two more solo albums Iggy recently recorded his latest album which features compilations with Sum 41 and Green Day as well as two of the original members of The Stoogies.


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