Kansas City International Airport is an airport in Kansas City, Missouri, Platte County, Missouri. It has the IATA Airport Code MCI.

This airport began life as a small releiver airport for what is now Kansas City Downtown airport. The downtown airport was very convenient, but was not fit for the jet-age, due to it's short runway and close proximity to the downtown area. In order to accomodate the more demanding jets, the city built the International Airport on the site of the reliever facility, and in 1973, the new airport opened for business. Almost all the airlines that were at the old facility moved to the new airport. This airport served as a hub for the now defunct Eastern Airlines, as well as Braniff Airlines (also out of business). It is still a major airport, but serves more of a role as a "spoke" in the national airline network. At 10,000 acres, it is one of the largest airfields in the United States.

Kansas City International Airport has 3 Terminals.

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Terminal A

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Terminal B

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Terminal C

Gates 51 - 64

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