Küsnacht is a town near Zürich, Switzerland. It is located on the north bank of the lake of Zürich and has a population of about 12,700 (in 2003). In the local dialect it is called Chüsnacht.


Earliest findings of settlement date back to the stone age. There are also findings from the bronze age. During Roman times, a mansion was located on the commons. It was called fundus Cossiniacus which is probably the origin of the name of Küsnacht. In the 7th century the name was recorded as Chussenacho. The coat of arms shows a golden cushion on a red background. It is probably a derivate of the coat of arms of the aristocrats of Küssnacht am Rigi.

In the middle ages, the land was governed by the people of Regensburg who lived in the castle of Wulp in Küsnacht. After 1531 Küsnacht was governed by Zürich.

Like all other places along the lake of Zürich, Küsnacht started to become a suburb of Zürich with the development of the railway link in 1896.

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Not to be confused with Küssnacht am Rigi on Lake Lucerne