Speech Security Equipment (Vinson), TSEC/KY-57 - The KY-57 is a portable, tactical cryptographic device designed to provide security for a range of military communication devices such as VHF-FM, UHF-AM, half-duplex, radio and tactical wireline communications. The KY-57 can be implemented in manpack as well as vehicular configurations.

Some persons believe that VINSON controls the electronic tuning using a sequence based on a pseudo-random number generator.


The KY-57 is the primary piece of VINSON COMSEC equipment used today for voice/data encryption on VHF radios and for a large number of wireline devices. When hooked to a radio, a teletype piece of gear, or a telephone device, the KY-57 can scramble (encrypt) the information being passed through it so only stations on our net having the same keys can receive the information. The KY-57 uses electronic keys to encrypt the information. The KY-57 can be rekeyed remotely, and can accept signal fades of up to 12 seconds without losing synchronization with the transmitting station. The KY-57 can be set up in the man-pack, vehicular, or fixed-site configuration.