L (from L to L)
L0 (from L0pht to L0pht)
L2 (from L2TP to L2TPv3)
L4 (from L4 microkernel family to L4 microkernel family)
L5 (from L5 (disambiguation) to L5 (disambiguation))
L6 (from L600 to L600)
L7 (from L7 to L7)
L_ (from L-188 Electra to Lúthien)
La (from LA to Lazzi)
Lb (from LBA to LBK)
Lc (from LCARS to LCS)
Ld (from LD to LDraw)
Le (from Le Bateau-Lavoir to Lezek)
Lf (from LFE to LFO)
Lg (from LG to LGB)
Lh (from LH2 to LHS)
Li (from Li to Lizzy Miles)
Lj (from LJN to Ljusnarsberg)
Ll (from Ll to Llywelyn the Last)
Lm (from LMF to LMTP)
Ln (from Ln to LNER A4 Pacific)
Lo (from LO to Loznica)
Lp (from LP to LPS)
Lr (from LR parser to LRD)
Ls (from Ls to LSI)
Lt (from LT-35 to LTU International)
Lu (from Lu to Luzon Strait)
Lv (from LV to Lvov school of mathematics)
Lw (from Lwaxana Troi to Lwowek Slaski County)
Ly (from LY to LyX)
Lz (from LZ77 to LZW compression algorithm)