List of Baptist sub-denominations - various Baptist associations, conferences, conventions, fellowships, groups, and unions around the world

Table of contents
1 By location
2 By Historical and Doctrinal Relationships

By location

(listed by the original or dominant geographical location of the body, though the group may extend beyond these boundaries)


  • Central Africa
    • Association of Baptist Churches of Chad
    • Baptist Churches of the Central African Republic (Églises Baptistes de la RCA)
    • Baptist Community of Western Zaire (Communauté Baptiste du Zaire Ouest)
    • Baptist Community of the Zaire River (Communauté Baptiste du Flueve Zaire)
  • Southern Africa
    • African Baptist Assembly of Malawi, Inc
    • African United Baptist Church
    • Baptist Convention of Angola (Convençao Baptista de Angola)
    • Baptist Union of South Africa
    • Biblical Baptist Church of Madagascar (Fiangonana Batista Biblika eto Madagasikara)

Asia and Oceania

Europe, Eurasia, & the British Isles

  • British Isles
  • Europe & Eurasia
    • Albanian Baptist Union
    • Baptist Union of Austria
    • Baptist Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Baptist Union of Bulgaria
    • Baptist Union of Croatia
    • Baptist Union in the Czech Republic
    • Baptist Union of Denmark
    • Baptist Union of Hungary
    • Baptist Union of Italy
    • Baptist Union of Kazakhstan
    • Baptist Union of Poland
    • Baptist Union of Romania
    • Baptist Union of Sweden
    • Brotherhood of Independent Baptist Churches and Ministries of Ukraine
    • Brotherly Union of Baptists in Slovakia
    • Convention of Baptists in Portugal
    • Convention of the Hungarian Baptist Churches of Romania
    • Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia
    • Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France
    • Finnish Baptist Union
    • Norwegian Baptist Union
    • Swedish-Speaking Baptist Union of Finland
    • Swiss Baptist Union
    • The All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists
    • The Baptist Union of Lithuania
    • The Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Azerbaijan
    • The Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches in the Republic of Belarus
    • Union of Baptists in Belgium
    • Union of the Baptist Christians in the Republic of Macedonia
    • Union of Baptist Churches in Serbia
    • Union of Baptist Churches in the Netherlands
    • Union of Baptist Churches in Latvia
    • Union of Baptist Churches in the Republic of Slovenia
    • Union of Christian Evangelical Baptist Churches of Moldova
    • Union of Evangelical Baptists of Spain
    • Union of Evangelical Christian and Baptist Churches of Estonia
    • Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches of Armenia
    • Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Kyrgyzstan
    • Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia
    • Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Yugoslavia
  • Middle East
    • Association of Baptist Churches in Israel
    • Egyptian Baptist Convention
    • Jordan Baptist Convention
    • Lebanese Baptist Convention
    • Syrian Baptist Convention
  • Regional bodies

The Caribbean

North America

South & Central America

  • Central America
    • Baptist Association of El Salvador (Asociacíon Bautista de El Salvador)
    • Baptist Convention of Costa Rica (Convención Bautista de Costa Rica)
    • Baptist Convention of Nicaragua (Convención Bautista de Nicaragua)
    • Baptist Convention of Panama (Convención Bautista de Panama)
  • South America
    • Baptist Cooperative Convention of Guyana
    • Bolivian Baptist Union (Unión Bautista Boliviana)
    • Brazilian Baptist Convention (Convenção Batista Brasileira)
    • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Chile (Convención Evangélica Bautista de Chile)
    • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Paraguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista del Paraguay)
    • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Uruguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista del Uruguay)
    • Light and Truth Evangelical Assembly - Reformed Baptist - (Asamblea Evangélica Luz y Verdad)


By Historical and Doctrinal Relationships

(listed by historical connection to the two original doctrinal variations of Baptists, though the group may have modified its doctrinal stance)

Free and General Baptists

Strict and Particular Baptists