M (from M to M)
M1 (from M1 to M1 motorway)
M2 (from M2 to M2 motorway)
M3 (from M3 to M3 motorway)
M4 (from M4 to M4a)
M5 (from M5 to M5 motorway)
M6 (from M60 motorway to M6 Toll)
M7 (from M74 motorway to M74 motorway)
M8 (from M81 Group to M8 motorway)
M9 (from M9 to M9 motorway)
M_ (from M (1931 movie) to Müritz National Park)
Ma (from MA to Mazurka)
Mb (from Mb to MBT-70)
Mc (from MC5 to McVille, North Dakota)
Md (from MD to MDS)
Me (from Me to Mezzotint)
Mf (from MF to MFT)
Mg (from MG30 to MGM Records)
Mh (from MHADA to MHEG-5)
Mi (from MI5 to Mizusawa)
Mj (from Mjölby to MJPEG)
Mk (from MK to MKULTRA)
Ml (from ML programming language to MLS)
Mm (from MM to MMX)
Mn (from MN to Mnk-games)
Mo (from MO to Mozzarella cheese)
Mp (from MP to Mpumalanga Province)
Mr (from MR to Mrs Patrick Campbell)
Ms (from MS to MSX BASIC programming language)
Mt (from MT to MTV VMA)
Mu (from Mu to Muzzleloader)
Mv (from MV to MVT)
Mw (from Mwai Kibaki to MWe)
Mx (from MX record to MxPx)
My (from My Aim Is True to Myyrmanni bombing)
Mz (from MZ to MZ)