The Mexican League is a minor league baseball league which operates in Mexico. The league is considered on the same level as the AAA leagues the International League and the Pacific Coast League, even though the teams do not have working associations with Major League Baseball teams. The league is divided into two divisions, the Zona Norte and the Zona Sur.

Member teams:

  • Campeche Piratas (los Piratas de Campeche) - Zona Sur
  • Cancun Langosteros (los Langosteros de Cancún) - Zona Sur
  • Cordoba Cafeteros (los Cafeteros de Córdoba) - Zona Sur
  • Mexico Tigres (los Tigres del México) - Zona Sur
  • Mexico City Diablos Rojos (los Diablos Rojos del México) - Zona Norte
  • Monclova Acereros (los Acereros del Norte) - Zona Norte
  • Monterrey Sultanes (los Sultanes de Monterrey) - Zona Norte
  • Oaxaca Guerreros (los Guerreros de Oaxaca) - Zona Sur
  • Puebla Pericos (los Pericos de Puebla) - Zona Norte
  • Reynosa Broncos (los Broncos de Reynosa) -- Zona Norte
  • Saltillo Saraperos (los Saraperos de Saltillo) - Zona Norte
  • Tabasco Olmecas (los Olmecas de Tabasco) - Zona Sur
  • Two Laredos Tecolotes (los Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos) - Zona Norte
  • Union Laguna Algodoneros (los Algodoneros de Unión Laguna) - Zona Norte
  • Veracruz Rojos del Aguila (los Rojos del Aguila de Veracruz) - Zona Sur
  • Yucatan Leones (los Leones de Yucatán) - Zona Sur