Michael Crichton (born October 23, 1942) is an author of science fiction novels and producer of films and television programs. Crichton is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. When he was in the medical school, he had written several novels under the pen names John Lange and Jeffery Hudson.

He is perhaps best known for writing Jurassic Park (1991), Sphere (1987), and The Andromeda Strain (1969), but has written several other books with a scientific theme, as well as being the creator and executive producer of the hit television drama ER.

Other books are Prey (2002), dealing with a swarm of nano-robots out of control; Congo, a novel about the search for special industrial diamonds and a new race of gorillas; Timeline, dealing with space-time travel and the 14th century.

Within his non-fiction books is Travels, that contains autobiographical episodes.

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  • Father: John Henderson Crichton
  • Mother: Zula Miller Crichton
  • Brother: Douglass Crichton
  • Wife: Anne-Marie Martin
  • Daughter: Taylor Crichton
  • Fomer Wives: Joan Radam (1965-1970), Kathy St. Johns (1978-1980), Suzanne Childs.



Directed Movies


  • 1973 Extreme Close Up
  • 1996 Twister - co-written with his wife Anne-Marie Martin

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