Mikado is:

in respect of the occurences in Europe:
  • In 1866 a Mr. Schwarz founded in Vienna a marketing company for coffee and tea named "Mikado". The company was taken over in the 1960s from Arabia that was also taken over from the Julius Meinl company and the label "Mikado" was ceased because the name was broadly associated with the pick-up sticks game.
  • some European Japanese-Import-Export companys were named "Mikado" in the 19th century.
  • A paper company Brauns still produces a coloring paper for easter eggs named "Mikado".
  • between railroadmen this term was used for special gray loden coats for bad weather.
  • The "Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd." an asian food company produces eatable chocolate "Mikado" sticks, decorated with Japanese symbols (flag, fuji mountain).

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