N (from N to N)
N1 (from N11 road to N1 road)
N3 (from N3 to N3)
N4 (from N4 to N4)
N7 (from N7 road to N7 road)
N8 (from N8 road to N8 road)
N_ (from N. Scott Momaday to Númenor)
Na (from NA to Nazlini, Arizona)
Nb (from NBA (disambiguation) to NBN)
Nc (from NC to Ncurses)
Nd (from NDA to Ndrangheta)
Ne (from NE to Nezperce, Idaho)
Nf (from NF to NFSNet)
Ng (from NG to Nguyen Van Thieu)
Nh (from Nhat Hanh to NHRA)
Ni (from Ni to Nizkor Project)
Nj (from Njal's Saga to Njudge)
Nk (from Nkf to NKVD)
Nl (from NL to NLUUG)
Nm (from Nm to NMT)
Nn (from Nnamdi Azikiwe to Nnamdi Azikiwe)
No (from NO to Nozzle)
Np (from NP to NPV)
Nr (from NR-1 Deep Submergence Craft to NRX)
Ns (from NS to NSYNC)
Nt (from NT to NTV (Newfoundland))
Nu (from Nu to Nuyorican)
Nv (from NVA to Nvu)
Nw (from NW to NWR)
Ny (from Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to Nyyrikki)
Nz (from Nzingha to Nzingha)