Nagmachon, a shortcut for Nagmash (APC) and Gahon (belly), is a multi-purpose armoured fighting vehicle that serves in the Israeli Defence Forces.

The Nagmachon is composed from a Centurion tank chassis with new systems and extra armour plates installed on it (a specially in the belly) for better protection. The Nagmachon is the upgraded version of the NagmaShot APC.

The Nagmachon can be attached with serveral devices in the front, including mine-breaching devices such as Nochri anti-mine system. Along with its heavy bully armour plate, this makes it an ideal for breaching routes through mine-fields and booby-trapped areas. Therefore, it can be classtified as combat engineering vehicle (CEV).

The Nagmachon is very notable due to the elevated pillbox turret installed on it. The pillbox turret is an elevated armoured cabine with shooting-slights and 7.62 mm machine guns, enabling the troops inside to shoot soft targets without being exposed to enemy's fire. This feature make it very efficient for urban warfare and security patrols.

The last two features which make it ideal for mine-clearing and urban warfare were proven valuable as the Nagmachon was heavily eployed in the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Beside of opening routes to other AFVs and patroling in hostile populated areas it was also used to mobilize infantry and carry them in the Palestinian cities. Because of their elevated turret, Nagmachon CEVs supervise and secure armoured Caterpillar D9 bulldozers in dangerous combat zones and under fire.


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