Nomenclature des unitÚs territoriales statistiques (short NUTS, english Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) is a standard for referencing the administrative division of countries for statistical purposes. The standard was developed by the European Union, and thus only covers the member states of the EU in detail.

A NUTS code begins with a two letter code referencing the country, which are identical with the ISO 3166-1 codes (except UK instead of GB for the United Kingdom). The subdivision of countries is then referred with one number, covering the same entities as the ISO 3166-2 standard. A second or third subdivision level is referred with another number each. Each numbering starts with 1 as 0 is used for the upper level. In case it has more then 9 entities capital letters are used to continue the numbering.

Additionally to the full three levels for the European Union countries all countries have a NUTS code with a two letter code for a continent and two numbers for the country, and for the USA, Canada and Australia the states are numbered separately.

NUTS is thus is some extent similar with the ISO 3166 standard, as well as the FIPS standard of the United States.


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