Non-alcoholic beer (NAB) is a slightly misleading term used to describe beer with very low alcohol content. The vast majority of NABs are lagers, but there are to a lesser extent some ales and bitterss.

Legally beers can contain up to 0.5 percent alcohol by volume to be called non-alcoholic. The general opinion of them with regard to taste is not high, with the more expensive ones (such as Buckler or Kaliber) being better viewed. Although they are called non-alcoholic they still contain some alcohol, so they cannot be sold to underage drinkers in the United States (even though the alcohol content may be less than that naturally occurring in apple juice or orange juice). It is legal to sell to minors in Indiana

In countries where advertising alcoholic beverages is forbiden or limited, non-alcoholic versions of many popular brands are created only for purpose of advertisement.

Persons who avoid alcoholic drinks for medical or religious reasons may often drink non-alcoholic beer.

Examples of non-alcoholic beers:

  • Bavaria Malt
  • Bevo
  • Bitburger Drive
  • Buckler (brewed by Heineken)
  • Clausthaler (also available in Amber)
  • Coors Cutter
  • Erdinger Non-alocoholic Weiss
  • Hacke Beck
  • Kaliber (brewed by Guinness)
  • O'Doul's (also available in Amber)
  • Sharps
  • St. Pauli Girl N/A
  • Warsteiner

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