The Nord-du-Québec is the largest of the 17 regions of the province of Quebec in Canada. It occupies 840,000 km², the northernmost 55% of the province's territory; the west coast of James Bay and far inland, as well as the whole province north of the 55th parallel all the way up to the northern tip of the Ungava Peninsula. However, it contains only 0,5% of the province's population, 34,950 people (2000).

It is composed of two primary sections. The northern part is Nunavik, the northern half above the 55th parallel, administered by the Katimavik Regional Administration. This half, mainly tundra, is mostly populated by Inuit.

The southern part, under the Conseil régional de développement de la Baie-James, extends from James Bay to the Otish Mountains in the east. The territory, mainly boreal forest and taiga, is shared between First Nations (Cree and Naskapi) and non-Aboriginals called Jamésiens.

Nord-du-Québec includes 14 Inuit villages, 9 Cree villages, 1 Naskapi village, and 5 Jamésien municipalities. One of the latter is the municipality of Baie-James, which covers 350,000 km² and contains eight different settlements.

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