P (from P to P)
P2 (from P2 to P2P)
P5 (from P53 gene to P53 gene)
P_ (from P.311 to Pca)
Pa (from Pa to Pazzi Conspiracy)
Pb (from PBER to PBY Catalina)
Pc (from PC to PCX)
Pd (from PDA to PDX)
Pe (from PE to Pezzetti di cavallo)
Pf (from Pf to PFY)
Pg (from PGA to PGCE)
Ph (from PH to Phytoplankton)
Pi (from Pi to Pizzicato Five)
Pk (from PK to PKZIP)
Pl (from PL/B to Plzen)
Pm (from Pm to PmWiki)
Pn (from PNA to Pnyx)
Po (from PO to Pozzo di Gotto)
Pp (from PPC to PPSh)
Pr (from PR to Przewalski's Horse)
Ps (from PS to Pszczyna)
Pt (from PT to Ptyodactylus)
Pu (from Pu Dong International Airport to Puzzle game)
Pv (from PVC to PVDF)
Pw (from PW to Pwyll crater)
Px (from Pxe to Pxe)
Py (from Pyatt, Arkansas to PYY 3-36)
Pz (from PzH 2000 howitzer to PZL)