The Palk Strait is a 40-85 mi(64-137 km) wide Strait that lies between India and Sri Lanka between Dhanushkondi, near Rameswaram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, and Talaimannar on the Jaffna peninsula in Sri Lanka. It is studded at its southern end with a chain of shoal reefs that are collectively called Adam's Bridge. Pamban Island(India) and Mannar Island(Sri Lanka) are also found at its southern end. The straits treacherous waters are usually avoided by most ships. It receives several rivers, most notably the Vaigai.

The Hindu epic Ramayana recounts how Lord Rama with the help of an army of Vanaras or monkeys built a bridge of stones across the Palk Straits to rescue his bride Sita from the evil Ravana.

Like the English Channel, the Palk Strait has been taken up as a challenge by many long-distance swimmers.