The Pescadores Islands (澎湖群島) form an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait, administered by the Republic of China (on Taiwan) as part of Taiwan Province. The name "Pescadores" came from Portuguese "fishermen".

Administratively, the entire archipelago is in the Penghu County (澎湖, Wade-Giles P'eng-hu, Pinyin Pénghú) of the Province of Taiwan.

County flower is a chrysanthemum called "The Immortals" (天人菊).

Pescadores Islands from 1896 map

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"P'eng-hu" was first recorded in unofficial historical records and regional logs in Southern Song Dynasty.

Sub-county divisions

Penghu County comprises of one city and five townships: (in Wade-Giles)

  • Makung City (馬公市 pinyin: Mǎgōng): 34 municipal villages (里 li)
  • Huhsi Township (湖西鄉 Hxī): 22 town villages (村 ts'un)
  • Paisha Township (白沙鄉 Bishā): 15
  • Hsiyu Township (西嶼鄉 Xīyǔ): 11
  • Chimei Township (七美鄉 Qīmi): 6
  • Wangan Township (望安鄉 Wng'ān): 9

Altogether, there are 97 villages.

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